Green Ball Canning Jar Spoon Rest Spoonrest


Rare green color -LARGE quart size!

You can't drink moonshine from it, but it WILL help keep your stovetop clean. :) This special Heritage Edition spoon rest is made from an authentic blue Ball brand jar; which was kiln-fired in my home studio to flatten it, then annealed for strength and durability. This piece measures 9" long x 8" wide, and is 100% original blue glass with no artificial coloring.

Each piece is one of a kind and unique due to both the individuality of the material and the firing process itself. A wonderful way to have something in your kitchen that is both environmentally friendly, durable, and different. A fantastic idea for the avid BBQ cook or hostess/host gift at your next backyard cookout, or as a compliment to a country kitchen, or anyone who likes canning.

All items are fully dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Green Ball Canning Jar Spoon Rest Spoonrest