WTF Etched Brown Glass Wine Bottle Cheese Tray/Platter


Tell your mom it means that you only drink wine on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday...right?

This deep brown amber wine bottle was kiln-fired to flatten it; then the design was permanently sand-etched in. Each one is handmade by me in my home studio and unique - one of a kind! Measures 12.5" long (not including the wire hanger, which adds another 1") x 4.5" wide. This piece comes with an embedded wire hanger for hanging or display if desired.

One of a kind art AND functional! Each painting is done 'freehand' by me and is my own original design; they are not reproduced, decals, or commercial art.

Display stand not included.

Elegant and classy for any occasion. Terrific for a great hostess, housewarming, or wedding gift. This one would be super for your upcoming summer parties, too! (I hear a lot of Manly Men like them for the Man Cave...great for sports party appetizers.) Also makes a beautiful display piece on your wall or counter - too pretty to keep in the cupboard!

**matching cheese knives with a wine cork handle - again, each one is unique and different - are available to complete the set for an extra $4.00 each- please see our separate shop listing for that item to order**

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WTF Etched Brown Glass Wine Bottle Cheese Tray/Platter