Brown Glass Beer Bottle Spoon Rest Spoonrest


No logos, no corporate affiliation - simple, streamlined and uncomplicated. This spoon rest is made from a deep brown beer bottle; which was kiln-fired in my home studio to flatten it, then annealed for strength and durability. This piece measures 9" long x 3.5" wide. Due to the size of this item, it also could double as a small serving platter for cheese, sliced meats, or sushi, or even appetizer bites.

Each piece is one of a kind and unique due to both the individuality of the material and the firing process itself. A wonderful way to have something in your kitchen that is both environmentally friendly, durable, and different.

**10% off when you buy two pieces or more at once! Coupon code: BOTTLESET**

All items are fully dishwasher and microwave safe.

We guarantee no hangovers after using our products for their intended purpose.

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Brown Glass Beer Bottle Spoon Rest Spoonrest